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Eating Healthy Doesn’t Equal Dieting

Too many times, people come up to me and ask why they’re not gaining or losing weight when they’re doing such a great job eating right. They always begin their story by telling me how clean their diet is; “I’m eating so healthy, egg whites and whole wheat toast for breakfast, a yogurt before lunch, salad and grilled chicken for lunch, fruit late afternoon, 15496739714_a243b0c8bf_oa protein shake after the gym, and vegetables and meat with brown rice for dinner”. And my reply is always the same, “are you trying to eat healthier or are you dieting?” The response is always the same, “what’s the difference?”.
The difference is eating healthy is more geared toward long-term health, you’re cutting out junk and balancing out your eating habits to be healthy. Dieting is based on a
specific goal or physique you have in mind for the short term. Dieting is more than just eating healthy, you will either have to deprive yourself of food or eat more than you can handle, depending on what your goals are.
By eating healthier and becoming more active, you’re going to see initial results. For one, you will feel better overall because you’re getting the proper nutrients your body needs and you’re consuming denser foods that keep you fuller longer. This helps restrict your caloric intake naturally to where you find yourself not snacking as much or consuming such large portions. Eating healthier is all about balance, avoiding artificial ingredients, eating more greens, and never allowing yourself to feel too hungry or too full. Again, intro_1.jpgeating healthy is a lifestyle change that will make you feel better as a whole and more energized. As always, don’t expect an overnight transformation unless you lead an extremely unhealthy lifestyle, to begin with.
In regards to eating healthy, there isn’t much to figure out, it’s really just going back to basics. Most people can generally find a daily meal plan example online and configure it to their liking. Others will take it a little farther and count their calories by either using some specific program/app or using simple online calculators and meal organizers to get a general idea of how much and what type foods they should be consuming. If you have the money to spend you can see a nutritionist and have them help you, but in all honesty, I think there is plenty of information online if you’re willing to put in the time and do the research.
If eating healthy is equivalent to keeping up with maintenance on your car, then dieting is more like making upgrades. Dieting takes more thought, trial, and error, time, and yes, some quantitative work. It also takes a tremendous amount of willpower, way more than eating healthy 12167490706_b1a3c0bca3_obecause you are not just depriving yourself of junk, you are at times depriving yourself of food. There are plenty of healthy choices that can give you the salt or sugar you crave when eating healthy, with dieting you might not even be allowed those items.
Dieting is a science, no one diet fad is going to work for everyone, we all react differently to certain workout programs and diets based on our various hormonal outputs and body types. So, take your time in choosing the right one. I have done bulking diets that made me fat, cutting diets that caused me to lose a lot of muscle, and strength diets that had me binging on Wendy’s at 3 AM in the morning. It took me several years and a lot of trial and error before I fully understood how my body reacts in certain situations; how long I can carb deplete before I start losing muscle or strength, and how long I can carb load before I start gaining fat. Be careful while doing your research on diet programs, like get rich quick scams, there are a lot of programs that promise you results that are just unattainable in the time frame they promise. Read reviews and do your homework.
If you’re just starting off, clean up your eating habits first and get healthy. Once you have reached a point where you no longer see any results, then I would say consider diet programs. Remember, eating healthy is long term, you can do it for however long you want where dieting should only be done on a short-term basis unless you want to end up like me 16 weeks in and at Wendy’s drive through at 3 AM in the morning. With healthy eating you have choices to control your cravings, dieting has built-in parameters that may not allow you to control your cravings, making it that much harder. Whatever your ultimate goal is, be sure to understand the two different approaches and do your homework; research, read reviews, experiment, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.



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