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No Such Thing As A Quick Fix When Building A Dream Physique

Winter is coming to an end and you still haven’t followed through on your New Year’s resolution of getting in shape. You tell yourself “no reason to worries just yet, I still have Spring to follow through”. Then Memorial Day weekend fly’s by, and the fact that youStockSnap_7ES0X4Z8UI.jpg haven’t lost a single pound, and probably gained some weight after all the beer and barbecue over Memorial Day weekend has you in desperation mode.

So, you go online and start searching for lose weight quick ideas, and have thousands upon thousands of plans thrown your way. Many make promises that you can reach your goal in as little as four weeks, and you’re going to be in the best shape of your life. Some will even promise you that you only need to work out for less than 30 minutes a few times a week, while still being able to eat some of the foods you love. Well let me the bearer of bad news for all of you, there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to losing weight and attaining a specific physique. Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is just that.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up because they have great before and after pictures of people that used their program, or you read all their testimonials on their website and everything was positive. The truth is you can buy before and after pictures from people and it’s pretty easy to find people willing to lie for some money. Everyone you see in 5403432247_eff59b0339_z.jpgtheir videos and before and after pictures worked very hard over the course of months or years to get where they got. These companies have simple programs that you can create on your own with a little research, they just wrap it all up in a great marketing campaign.

You see a great meal plan, where they provide you with all your weekly meal preparation, and the food is not just healthy food, some of the meals you enjoy on a regular basis. They promise you that if you follow their meal plan, you’ll shed weight weekly. But then you receive the program and find that it’s not just a meal plan, you actually have to work out, and you look at the meals that looked awesome in the videos and pictures but what you received looks nothing like that and the portions are tiny.

You can’t lose weight without a calorie deficit, so what they do is they take your weight and measurement and calculate your normal daily calories. They then decrease that by a few hundred calories, something you could easily do on your own. Just like they say, you can enjoy the foods you love, you’re just not going to be full. I can eat a few slices of pizza at 800 calories or a full meal that has a few cups of rice, vegetables, and chicken at the same calorie intake. The pizza tastes great but it’s not going to keep me as full as the full meal.

Any meal plan that doesn’t tell you off the bat you’re going to have to work out or has a workout so simple you barely sweat, run for the hills. A calorie deficit is not enough, you don’t want to be flabby when losing weight, right? After a calorie deficit and a quality 8441514231_570c170366_zworkout, you shouldn’t be able to go home and feel like you can go out for a jog still. If you can smile and talk while working out, like the models in the commercials, you’re not working hard enough. Remember, calories are energy for the body and if you depleted and worked out hard, you should feel exhausted and ready to crash after.

Same goes for the workout programs you see, they promote the workout as the only thing you need to reach your goals. They assume that you will create a calorie deficit by burning enough just by doing their workout.  but for some reason when you when you receive it, there is still a diet attached with it for you to follow. They know that you can work out as hard as you want, but without a quality diet, all you’re doing is becoming stronger and increasing your cardio limitations. You ask most bodybuilders and they’ll tell you, they would rather miss a workout before missing a meal when dieting. Diet is everything when you’re trying to attain a specific physique. You can build muscle or become a marathon runner, but you’re not going to see the results until you shed the fat layers over the top, and that takes a proper diet.

Be smart, don’t just go by what you see on these programs websites or videos, do some research of real people that actually bought the workout or diet program. If they promise to attain your goal within a month run away if they don’t have both a diet plan and workout plan think twice. We are all different in how we gain and lose weight, the programs should be customizable, if it’s a basic plan and everyone receives the same thing, don’t expect great results.  I lost 10 lbs. the first month, how do you explain that? Most of the initial weight you lose on a diet is water weight, only as small amount is hard-work-and-clean-diet.jpgactually fat. When looking at results, look at the 2nd and 3rd month, not the 1st. So, when you see people promoting the products say they lost 20 lbs. in the first month, remember it’s mainly water, and you’ll gain that back as fast as you lost it.

Steroids can’t even get you to your physique goals in a months’ time, and these products are? Even with steroids, your workouts still have to be strenuous, and the diet needs to be right, and you’re still looking at at least 2 months if you’re looking at losing 2-4% of fat depending on where you started. Don’t fall for the trap and spend your hard-earned money on products that will give you as many results as a simple diet and workout program you can create on your own with a little research and some calculations. And if you’re going to spend your money anyway, read reviews outside the products website and their affiliates. Read real people’s results on blogs. Remember the most important thing, you can do the best diet program or workout program in the world, if you’re not willing to come to terms that it’s not happening overnight, and you’re going to have to be completely dedicated for the long term, you’ll never achieve that physique you’ve longed for.



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