Watch the video to learn about what Schai aims to do and who we are.

MySchai (MySkai) was named after the ancient Egyptian god of fate and destiny Schai (Sha). As the god of 6730515381_f399f78e8e_zthe life-span of a human being, Egyptians believed that he was ‘born’ with each individual and that he followed a person from the moment of birth through to the judgment in the afterlife. As a god of destiny and fortune, Schai could be a positive or negative influence. He could protect an individual, or he could bring misfortune.

We Pronounce Schai, Skai  instead of Shai sky_is_the_limit_gif_by_marylaponymorada-d5ziotg (1).gifbecause we also want people to think of the sky as well which many associates with endless possibilities, beauty, freedom, and relaxation.

We at MySchai want to help people through life’s complexities by creating content that discusses the issues in every person’s life wheel. Every part of our lives affects the other to a certain degree,  and by understanding that, you will live a more healthy and productive life wheel.jpglife.


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