All In The Name

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Now that I had a base idea to build around and a few written articles, it was time to 6730515381_f399f78e8e_zdecide on a website name. As I reflected on what MySchai is, what it would become, I wanted a one-word name that encapsulated everything about life. After hundreds of word combinations in both English and pretty much every language available under Google translator, you could say I was growing increasingly frustrated by the difficulty of the process.

One morning, I realized I needed to give my mind a break and take a step back. As I was flipping through the TV channels I stumbled on the movie “Gods of Egypt”, I began watching the movie and an idea popped1_Primary_logo_on_transparent_1024 into my head, mythological gods always have various powers and meanings. I brought this thought back to my desk where I began reading up on gods from all different cultures until I came across Shai, also spelled Schai or Schay.

Shai was the god of the human life span. Egyptians believed that he was ‘born’ with each individual and that he followed a person from the moment of birth through to the judgment in the afterlife. As a sky_is_the_limit_gif_by_marylaponymorada-d5ziotg (2)god of destiny and fortune, Shai could be a positive or negative influence. He could protect an individual, or he could bring misfortune.

My blossoming idea that started out as a dream now had a name that encapsulated everything I envisioned it to be. I originally wanted to use the main spelling, but that was taken by an R&B group from the early 90’s. I moved on to the alternate spelling of Schai, but quickly realized people would most likely pronounce it Skay. At first, it was an issue but then I realized when people think of the sky, they associate it with endless possibilities, beauty, freedom, and relaxation. Looking for a domain, I found was taken and so I had to add something more. This was relatively a quick and easy process, I wanted Schai to be personal and about individualism, so “my” just made sense.