Start Of A Dream

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My original idea was to create a blog about the different circumstances in life and give people perspective and guidance on how to handle them. As I started writing and putting the blog together I realized that this was not enough, people don’t change just by reading a few articles. When I personally found myself unhappy in life and looking to make a change, I started reading and watching motivational content, self-development content, and even spiritual literature.

While everything helped me grow intellectually, the motivation to make a change and evolve would only last temporarily. What I found holding me back was not fear, lack of motivation, or even that I had a poorly developed idea. It was simply the fact that consciously or sometimes subconsciously when I reflected on the thought of making such a change, the impact of a change inlife wheel my life seemed to not fit the life I lived, so I would not make the necessary pivot.

That’s when I decided I should have MySchai revolve around a life wheel. A life wheel shows us the different aspects of life that affect us each and every day such as friends, family, career, finances, and health.  The wheel comes together to make up each and every individual’s life. Most use it to help understand how satisfied they are in various aspects of life, however, I see it as a way for people to find balance in their lives, reflect, evaluate, and plan before making important decisions. Quitting your job to start a company is not only hard but a scary leap into the unknown, it’s a big risk. Stepping back to reflect on your life and personality, evaluating your life wheel and the impact this sort of change will have on your finances, family, or personal development will help you to plan accordingly and take action. MySchai is not only a place people can come for guidance and perspective through written content, but a place to find tools to help evaluate their life wheel, plan for any lifestyle change they need, and take action. A dream that was MySchai is evolving rapidly and taking on a life of its own.