MySchai vs Competitors

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What Makes MySchai So Different?:

So, what makes us any different than the thousands upon thousands of sites that provide content on the same subject matter, or even the life coaches and motivational speakers you can enjoy on YouTube or podcasts? At MySchai, we believe that only you can motivate yourself to make the necessary change. The content we provide is there to give context, perspective, and guidance. The tools and life wheel are there to help organize your life and thoughts so you can properly evaluate, reflect, plan, and take action. OnceAAEAAQAAAAAAAAXdAAAAJDE2ZDBhM2FlLTJiMDAtNDhhNi04OTMzLTk4ZTVjOTNkNmY4Ng.jpg you have set a path, we want to keep you on that path with regular emails and/or calendar reminders. MySchai is here to keep you on track and help you find self-confidence simply by being prepared and 110% sure of the direction you want to take your life.

Most blogs, websites, and motivational speakers try to feed on our emotional need for change in life to get us motivated. They feed us stories of other people’s successes, like someone who has no legs and arms and climbed a mountain, or someone that was homeless and fought to become something. What they don’t consider is that most of us can’t truly make an extreme change in one part of our lives because of the ripple effect it has on everything else. We feel great and ready to go after reading a post or watching an inspirational video, but once that adrenaline rush reseeds, we are back to reality fearful of the major effects of that change on the rest of our life. The success stories they give us are of people that were either ready for change because they balanced their life and knew what they wanted or hit rock bottom and had nowhere else to go but up.

Playing on one’s emotions is great when it comes to short-term advances in life, like a coach talking to his team before the big game, but it doesn’t work with helping people to realize their path and eventual destinies in life. We are complex creatures that have too much time to overthink and rationalize with ourselves why it won’t work. We don’t move forward because we don’t have a full picture of who we are, what we really want, and how change affects the rest of our lives. MySchai helps you to take action and guide you through a tailored process of becoming a better you without playing on your emotions, and that’s what makes us stand out above our competitors.