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Obstacles Ahead & What Your Funds Mean:

The challenges and risks we face are similar to every digital media outlet. The content you provide has to be

  •  Unique to your competitors,
  • User friendly website with an inviting layout (smooth and easy to use browsing)8.jpg
  • Engaging content, clarity in audio and video (proper equipment )
  • Manpower to constantly provide new and current content
  • Most importantly, build a following with sustained traffic

Your hard-earned funds will allow us to afford and complete the above and also build upon the future of the various pages such as interactive tools saved on our platform, secure data storage, life wheel creator, and much more.

With that said, without traffic, it doesn’t really matter how great everything else will be.  The current plan is to introduce and spread the wealth of MySchai to the world by solely advertising its benefits on social media and building a well known and secure presence there. To promote MySchai content we will:

  • Post our content directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Live stream our podcast on Facebook
  • Guest blogging on other sites
  • Commenting on similar content while at the same time promoting our content
  • Inviting other bloggers to blog on MySchai to push traffic.
  • Interview and engaging with leaders in the various topics we discuss
  • Optimizing content for search engines and targeting long tailed keywords.

Again, to build traffic means heavy labor hours posting updated real talk events, articles, and pushing our content all over social media. The funds collected here would allow us the time to do so much more without jeopardizing the quality.