Present & Future of MySchai

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 MySchai, Present Day and Future

MySchai is currently still evolving, but I can confidently say it is built on a solid foundation that we can grow around.  The end goal is to be much more than a blog. We want to build a platform and6.png brand people can rely on and trust for all aspects of their lives. Not only in a time of need, but also for personal growth, organization, and overall balance.

  1. Life Tools: 
    • Present: Because we aim to be a one-stop-shop for all life’s developmental needs and organization, we added a Life tool’s page where we provide links to:
      • Personality and career tests, IQ tests,
      • Budgeting and financial tools,
      • Health and wellness tools, and much more.
    • Future: More interactive, instead of providing links, we plan to partner up with various entities and provide:
      • Health and Wellness calculators, planners, and customizable programs
      • Self-development tools such as personality tests, IQ tests, depression and stress tests,
      • Financial analytics tools to budget, save and plan for the future, career tests, and tools.
    • We want to provide an interactive life wheel tool:
      • Used by users to grade their satisfactions in all life categories
      • Help them organize what aspects are most important, what needs work, and what tools they can use for each category to better themselves.
      • Provide a way to help make tough, logical choices
    • We would like to allow users to be able to not only create a profile where they can save their life wheel but a place where they can also:
      • Save their goals for each life category, both short and long
      • Set text or email reminders of their goals in order to stay on track
      • Receive motivational quotes based on each chosen category for the goal they have set
      • Save their budgeting information and financial analytics, diet planner and workout program, their outcomes to all quizzes and test they have taken.
    • We also would like to provide an option for our users to:
      • Reflect on moments of high emotion like happiness, success or stress
      • Save those moments in either video, audio, or written format in order to reflect back on those same moments the should they become depressed again, recognize it has happened before and they were able to get through it and use these saved moments as reminders or motivation.
    • We want this page to be 100% customizable to the user.It’s their life. They are the only one’s that can coach themselves through it all, we just want to be there to assist and simplify it in every way.
    • MySchai Phone Application (Future): People have their phones wherever they go, so I want MySchai to be there with them every step of the way.
  2. Life Wheel: 
    • Present: contains the various content we discuss through the written word.
    • Future: Not everyone likes to absorb content only through article posts,  to reach a larger audience we will:
      • Provide a daily podcast
      • Video content through Youtube
  3. Real Talk:
    • Present: We can’t control the world outside our life wheel, so it’s important to be informed, “Real Talk” discusses current events and their possible direct or indirect implications on our life wheels.
    • Future: “Real Talk” will become the beginning segment to our podcast, and it will also become a way to stay active on social media, allowing us to have a consistent presence throughout the day.
  4. Your Story:
    •  Present: I wanted this page to become a forum where people can;
      • Start their own posts
      • Journal their life story and questions
      •  MySchai and its readers would comment and discuss
    • Unfortunately, premium accounts under WordPress would only allow me to create a page that allows people to leave comments.
    • Future: I would still like this to be a page to become a forum.