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Thursday, May 18th, 2017

FCC Roll Back of Net Neutrality Rules

Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has sharply criticized the net neutrality rules, and since being appointed chairman by President Donald Trump in January, he’s moved quickly to scrap the legal foundation of the order. Net Neutrality protects consumers from giant providers being allowed to control websites speed. An example would be if Yahoo pays Time Warner more in their contract, then Time Warner could technically Speed Yahoo’s search engine up and slow down others such as Google. These rules are downloadreally there to protect the consumer and little guys on the web. It really has nothing to do with easing the regulation that has become burdensome as Ajit would want you to believe.

Most may not realize it, but Ajit was a corporate lawyer for Verizon, one of the largest proxy companies that provide the internet to millions. He argues that current regulations are hurting internet providers to the point that they have to cut back on infrastructure spending and employment. But his own previous company, Verizon stated on a public shareholder call that the rules have no effect on their business. Really all it would do is give them more power during negotiations. I would bet that Ajit’s real reasoning behind wanting to do this is personal, though he would never admit it. But watch in a few years when he leaves the FCC, bet he ends up at one of these companies in a very cushy position.