Story Before The Story

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Want to know more?…read the story before the story below, the prequel to the dream that is MySchai:

You know how some people are bird watchers? Well, I’m a people watcher. No, I’m not laid out in a tree with binoculars looking through people’s windows. All my life I have IMG_1583enjoyed listening to others problems, helping to guide them in a better direction, and observing how they react to each other in everyday life. I have always been very in tune with the world around me and the people that inhabit it. I have the ability to put myself in other’s shoes and see their problems through their eyes.

Well, you would think to know that I would be smart enough to get into something like psychology, but no I wasn’t smart enough to think ahead. Instead, I went into finance and found myself jumping from job to job always unhappy. Overnull.jpg the past few years, I placed the blame on everything, from my bosses to poor company culture or unstimulating work. Eventually, I ran out of excuses to jump around and had to take a long hard look at myself.

At the end of 2014, I left a salaried job that was very demanding to take a 3-month contract in taxation with a fortune 50 company. I assumed that I would have an easy 9-5 that would allow me to take time and brainstorm a startup that would reflect my passions.

Initially, I was working in taxation by day, and working on several application ideas that revolved around my love of bodybuilding and powerlifting by night. That all changed quickly as what was supposed to be an easy 9-5 became more like 8-9 and weekends. Although I disliked taxation, I fell in love with the17123251389_bed3c3a1ba_b overtime money that I was making. As my time was coming to end, I was approached by the manager and asked to stay for an additional 3 months, which I accepted. Making 3x what I was making at my prior job, I quickly forgot why I took a contract position in the first place.

Fast forward two years, still working on a 3-month contract that keeps getting extended. They made me several salaried offers during that time which I declined, assuming I would eventually get back on track. Even though every day was a struggle as I found the work so uninspiring, I stuck with it because that paycheck I received every Friday was just too uplifting to let go. I really believe if I wasn’t paid every Friday I would have left. From October 2016 to early February 2017 tragedy had hit close to home on 4 occasions. In that span, I lost 4 friends that were all 30 years of age or younger. Being 30 myself, at the


time, I started to reflect on my own life and came to the realization I couldn’t do it anymore. As hard as it was I quit my cushy finance job, I did and went in search of a passion. Giving up my income to find happiness when I don’t even know what happiness is happiness is just yet scared me, but at the same time, I knew it was now or never. Worse come to worse I would have to move back with my parents and fall back into a career in taxation.

For the next month, I would spend my days brainstorming and trying to find a career path that defined me as a person, and at the same time losing hope that I would actually find it with every passing day. Seeing I was losing hope, my brother advised me to sit and just start writing and see what happens. So I did just that, and before long I realized I was writing my biography. A week and 50 pages into writing my bio, I reflected upon what I had written and realized my passion is people, helping them find their way in life and being there as a sound voice, open ear and shoulder to lean on. At this point in time, MySchai was coming into the light.