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You fund us because you believe in individualism, entrepreneurship, destiny, passion, never giving in to life’s pressures, and find one’s calling in life. You fund MySchai because you want to be a part of a movement, one that will one day be known to the world, and you can say you were a part of its humble beginnings.

Remember that no amount you can fund is too small. Every little bit counts toward making MySchai a reality. If you are unable to fund MySchai, but still want to help, share9.jpg our website and posts, share our video above and this page, help us by getting the message out.

Is that all you got?

Fund your passion and life calling? What about all the others out there that are just as passionate? Why not them? Funding MySchai means investing in millions of people all over the world grow as individuals for many years to come. Imagine, through your funding today, you could be the direct cause of someone one-day deciding life was worth living because they found MySchai, utilized our tools, absorbed our content and applies it accordingly to their life. Your support can help individuals to realize their purpose in life. Whether it is to leave their job and become their own boss, or someone that their kids are more important than their career and learn to carve out quality time for them. Imagine, MySchai becomes a tool that is used in high schools and colleges across the country to help kids, understand who they are, explore their passions, an outlet to build their self-confidence and avoid being bullied and guide them in a positive direction with short term and long term goals. In funding MySchai you help create and grow our brand so we can reach out to the world, and together, there’s no telling who we may one day help!