Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Venezuela Sends 2,600 Troop to Táchira After Looting Kills At-least 3

Venezuela is Sending troops to the western province bordering Colombia after a teenage boy was killed in overnight looting amidst an upsurge of anti-government protests. “I have ordered the transfer of 2,000 guards and 600 special operations troops” to the state of Táchira, Defense Minister Vladimir Pedrina Lopez told state media on Wednesday. Authorities said looting and attacks against securhg.pngity compounds began overnight, where three people have died, including the 15-year-old boy that was out buying groceries.

It’s been messy in Venezuela since the early April protests started over President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government’s attempt to nullify the opposition-controlled congress. The demonstrations have escalated from protests against Maduro and his party to grievances against the government for triple-digit inflation, food shortages and a rise in crime. The opposition blames the bloodshed on state security forces using excessive force and on groups of armed, pro-government civilians known as “colectivos.” Maduro says far-right extremists are working with criminal gangs to foment the violence.

Venezuela is really starting to look more and more like South America’s Syria. Their allies were said to be hoping for the best but fearing the worst. With depleted reserves and an ever-saturated oil market, this might get worse before it gets better.